— Atelier Burano is a publisher and graphic studio founded in Buenos Aires in 2015 and currently based in Berlin. Dedicated to producing art books and limited edition prints, the studio works in collaboration with Latin American artists with the idea of expanding contemporary printed art from the region.

NNEW: “Arqueología del presente” compiles textures extracted from various points in the city of Buenos Aires using the frottage technique, formerly employed in archaeological records to engrave surfaces and disseminate their respective images."

NEW: “Piedra de sol” is a book that delves into the world of petroglyphs as symbolic records of human activity. At times, only petroglyphs can provide an insight into an ancient culture, revealing the life, beliefs, and ideas about the world held by these communities."

— Editions.

“Piedra de sol” — Pablo Rugiero

“I’m Sorry” — Santiago Paredes

“Kraftwerk” — Santiago Paredes

“Kinhin”— Pablo Rugiero

“SPXAB” — Santiago Paredes

“Aguas vivas” — Martín Bollati

“Vasija para mi madre” —Tomás Facio

“Don’t think” — Santiago Paredes

“El rocío de las cosas pequeñas” — Pablo Rugiero

“Vasija para mi madre” —Tomás Facio

“Don’t think” — Santiago Paredes

“Sin título I” — Anotnio Carrau
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“Vasija para mi madre” —Tomás Facio

"Nenia, canción fúnebre" - Ña Nena

“I’m sorry” — Santiago Paredes