Atelier Burano was founded by Pablo Rugiero in 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The publisher specializes in art books and limited edition prints. Focused on contemporary graphic art, the studio promotes collaborative work with artists exploring the boundaries of the printed image.

As a publisher Atelier Burano stands out the importance of material conditions in the entire production process of a book, trying to generate a deeper visual experience than conventional books. We see each project as a synergic experiment where tasks are linked from the very beginning, conceiving the production of a book in the confluence between traditional printmaking techniques, modern design and contemporary art practices.

In addition, we think each piece should be related to the place where it’s being coceived and compromised to produce works that hold social and cultural heritage. We believe in the diversification and distribution of voices through self publication and alternative platforms of circulation. Therefore we see publishing as a platform that essentially allows us to relate to our time by selecting and ordering those events that are relevant to us and to our particular way of seeing, processing and interpreting reality.


Volumes -  Zürich, Switzerland.
Vienna Art Book Fair - Vienna, Asutria.
Indiecon Art Book Fair - Hamburg, Germnay.
Printed Matter Art Book Fair - Los Angeles, USA.
Tijuana - San Pablo, Brazil.
Impresionante - Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Migra - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Paraguay - Buenos Aires, Argentina.


(+49) 1515 8346937
Storkwinkel 10, 10711.
Berlin, Germany.